Methods Of Increasing E-Commerce Sales

Methods Of Increasing E-Commerce Sales

The internet continues to revolutionise our daily lives, increasing convenience, and providing seamless business transactions. With E-commerce, businesses are run online; customers can now order and pay for commodities online, avoiding traditional physical stores and markets and transactions. The Internet, through e-commerce, significantly saves consumers’ time and money. 

The incessant evolution of e-commerce (opens in a new window) by the day ensures safe, easy, fast, and convenient transactions for the seller and buyer. Sale reviews from business owners point out that e-commerce benefits all businesses from large corporations, small businesses, and freelancers. E-commerce provides a global platform for the business, which consequently leads to more sales.

Modern entrepreneurs should consider e-commerce sales to expand their enterprises’ reach apart from setting up physical stores. 

Here are some tips that come in handy in increasing your e-commerce sales.


Proven Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales


1.Paid Traffic

Paid traffic, used effectively, has the potential to skyrocket your business’ returns. It consists of your website visitors who are directed to your website upon clicking on an advert from a range of sources such as displayed ads, sponsored content, and paid search.

However, many entrepreneurs have noticeably met losses after investing in paid traffic with n returns. 

To ensure paid traffic works to boost your e-commerce store, consider the following:

1.1 Spend less on your first paid traffic experience

Investing less on your first time can be termed as a beginner’s test. No guarantee paid traffic is going to be successful, so it is advisable to pay less for it. If it fails, you do not lose much, instead assess your trial campaign and correct your approaches where necessary. You can then reinvest on a more confident paid traffic.

1.2 Generate a buyer persona

Generating a buyer persona (opens in a new window) enables you to know your  better. This you can achieve by getting your customers’ emails and sending them surveys. Knowledge about your customers translates to designing the right audiences’ right campaigns, resulting in more sales. You can develop incentives such as providing a coupon code, among other giveaways, to encourage participation and honesty in your surveys.

1.3 Know how different online platforms work

Google controls 67.78% of the search engine market, according to Smart Insights Study. This makes its ads highly competitive compared to other platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. Depending on your target audience, choose the perfect platform that will bring more returns.

1.4 Conversion tracking

Setting up conversion tracking enables you to get data on how your campaign is doing. You can also track whether the paid traffic is delivering the desired results. 

Ensure to reach your target consumers by using the right keywords, interests, and phrase match that might change over different seasons.





Remarketing, also known as retargeting, refers to when customers who have already visited your site from your campaign ads, whether they purchased something or not, they are then followed and shown your different campaign ads that are more targeted. Through this, you show your ads to potential customers who had interacted with your brand before but did not purchase with the aim of bringing them back.

Remarketing varies from one online platform to another. You might consider researching extensively on your preferred platform for an effective remarketing process to increase your e-commerce sales. Facebook uses what is called a pixel to enable you to retarget


3.Gain trust within your sales funnel

The entire process that leads to a potential customer making a purchase or a transaction on your e-commerce site is your sales funnel.

Gaining trust from your potential customers increases the likelihood of making a purchase, therefore growing your e-commerce sales.

It would help if you increased trust levels at each stage of the sales funnel to ensure an increase in conversions and sales.

To increase your customers’ trust in your brand;

3.1 Display all your product/service reviews

You can gain trust by including and displaying both positive and negative reviews. Most potential customers go through product reviews before purchasing it to affirm its quality. 

3.2 Customer Service

Ensure to have a customer service docket always at standby to respond to customers’ inquiries, complaints, and improvement suggestions to your product or service. Most consumers prefer to live chat (opens in a new window) with a customer care representative; therefore, you can install a live chat option on your e-commerce site.

3.3 Trust badges and Testimonials

Payment insecurity often makes customers abandon carts before checkout. You can increase their trust level by displaying trust badges and testimonials from customers whose purchases were successful.

Place the trust badges and testimonials in clearly visible parts of the website, and on the checkout page, they directly subdue their insecurities.


4. Simplify your checkout process


The checkout process is close to purchasing. Employ an easy and seamless checkout process to increase your site’s sales. 

Complicated procedures often make customers leave their carts and probably search for other simpler sites for the same product. You can come up with ways of making the process simple keeping your customers’ interests in mind. For instance, consider scrapping the sign-up process before paying.

You can consider upsells during the checkout process; this way, customers can view products they might have initially missed, consequently increasing your average order value.


5. Showcase the benefits of your products

Make sure to include the benefits of your product or service on the website. Consumers often think about the benefits of the product before making a purchase. To increase your e-commerce sales, consider answering all the questions a consumer might be asking before they add the product to the cart.

Take quality pictures of your product (opens in a new window) using the best devices and against good backgrounds. You can employ a photographer to take the best shots. 

You can also consider taking short videos of your product. Videos show more detail compared to photos. Videos are professional and more descriptive, which increases your sales.



The above helpful tips and effort in the process guarantee an increase in e-commercial sales. Positive returns are gradual; you learn and correct the wrongs on your way, with time, you realize profits and expand your business’ reach.

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